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The research work “Effective electronic tuning of Pt single atoms via heterogeneous atomic coordination of (Co,Ni)(OH)2 for efficient hydrogen evolution” was accepted at Energy Environ. Sci. See:
The research work “In-Situ Protonated-Phosphorus Interstitial Doping Induces Long-Lived Shallow Charge Trapping in Porous C3-xN4 Photocatalyst for Highly Efficient H2 Generation” was published at Energy Environ. Sci. See:
The research work “Effective Ensemble of Pt Single Atoms and Clusters over the (Ni,Co)(OH)2 Substrate Catalyzes Highly Selective, Efficient, and Stable Hydrogenation Reactions” was publised at ACS Catalysis. See: 
The review work “Nucleation and growth in solution synthesis of nanostructures – From fundamentals to advanced applications” was published at  Advanced Energy Materials. See:
The review work “Porosity Engineering of MOF-Based Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage” was published at  Advanced Energy Materials. See:
The research work “Indirect to Direct Charge Transfer Transition in Plasmon-Enabled CO2 Photoreduction” was published at  Advanced Science. See:
The research work “Tuning the interlayer spacing of graphene laminate films for efficient pore utilization towards compact capacitive energy storage” was published at  Nature Energy. See:


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Address: Department of Chemistry, Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong, P. R. China
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HKU Chemist and collaborators engineered an effective and stable singe-atom catalyst which is a hundred times more effective than the commercial catalyst

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Enhancing the electron highway for solar-to-hydrogen power

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Catalysing ‘Net-Zero’ Green Hydrogen from the Sun: HKU Chemists Discover a Fundamental Catalyst Protonation Process to Promote Solar-Driven Water-Splitting for Hydrogen Production without CO2 Emissions

Awarded Theme-based Research Scheme

HKU Chemist Professor Zheng Xiao GUO Awarded HK$43.011 Million to Achieve Carbon Neutrality